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RF Wireless Dimmer

RF Wireless Dimmer with Remote

  • $1800

These RF Wireless Dimmers with Remote are the Perfect Companion to my LED strip range.

Turn on/off and control the lighting level of your LED strips from the comfort of your chair.

Fitted with Waterproof Connectors these Dimmers are the perfect addition to any LED Setup.

Each Remote is paired with its receiver so they wont interfere with other remotes used close by.


  • 10 Dimmer levels
  • 100% - 50% - 25% Shortcut dim buttons
  • 256-Grade PWM
  • Range up to 30m in open areas
  • Operating Frequency 433.92MHz
  • Input voltage 12Vdc
  • Output 12Vdc 6A max
  • Card Type Remote
  • Ultra Slim Design
  • Remembers Dim level when power turned back on

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