Collection: Access Control Products

Uneek LEDs is now the Official Authorised Distrubutor of King Pigeon Hi Tech Co LTD Access Control products in Australia.
Yes its a Strange name but in China the name King Pigeon means to Lead and to have strength.  
Converted to English their goal is to lead the industry in Access Control solutions and make their products strong and reliable as possible.

After selling and using these products for many years we have found their reliability and functionality to be excellent and they have met our High Standards for quality.
We are proud to now distribute them to individuals and companies all around Australia.

We can support you!
Do you like what you see but are not sure if it can suit your needs?  
Give us a call to discuss more. 
We have over 20 years of Automation experience and can recommend a product to suit your needs.  We Can:

  • Work with you to build and program a product to suit your application.
  • Fit into Waterproof enclosures, wiring and programming so when you receive it, it is ready to be installed and used
  • Provide Customised Solutions
  • Setup Personalised Cloud Interfaces for monitoring
  • Personalised Support
  • Contact us for more information.

We are working on this page continuously and new products will appear over the next few weeks.

Other product options are:

  •  IoT Sensor, Router, Control devices
  • Solar Battery and Panel Voltage Monitoring
  • Personalised Cloud Setup and monitoring
  • ModBus RTU Remote Control Modules
  • GSM Routers
  • LoRA Units
  • GSM Router with Digital Inputs, Outputs, Data Control

Plus Many more.  Contact us for more information as we have different models that can be modified easily to suit your needs.