IP Ratings

What are IP ratings?
IP stands for International Protection Code.  It gives buyers an idea on how water and dust proof the product is before they buy it.
Unfortunately a lot of sellers just guess the IP rating to make their product look good.  Please don't be tricked and buy cheaper products claiming to have a high IP rating.

So what are my products?
  • The LED strips as they come with Bare Wires have an rating of IP65.  An IP65 rating means they are completely dust proof and can withstand being sprayed with water (just like rainfall) for 15 min without any harmful effects.
  • My Waterproof Twist Lock connectors by themselves have an IP68 rating meaning they are completely dust proof and can be submerged to a depth of 1M or more with no water ingress or harmful effects caused by water.
  • When the Waterproof Twist Lock connectors and LED strips are combined they have a rating of IP67.  IP67 means they are totally dust proof and can be submerged up to 1m for 15minutes without any harmful effects.
I don't recommend my lights be used for under water uses such as fish tank lighting.  For this you will need an IP68 rating for the LED strip and wiring.