Advanced Solar Security Flood Lights

Uneek LEDs has designed and developed our own Advanced Solar Security Lighting System.
The Advanced Solar Security Lighting System consists of a separate PIR Sensor which can communicate with multiple lights to expand your lighting solutions.

For example, place a Remote PIR Sensor at the entrance of a driveway and when
motion is detected it will activate a flood light up to 100m away.

Each Remote sensor is capable of activating up to 16 lights and can be
Our Advanced Solar Lighting System consists of the following components:

  • Master PIR Sensor Light Will turn Flood Light on and then signal to other nearby Lights through a 2.4G Wireless signal to turn on/off . Can Control up to 16 Lights

  • Remote PIR Sensor Will signal other nearby lights to turn on/off through a wireless 2.4G Signal.

  • Receiver Flood Light. These 2.4G enabled Flood Lights will turn on and off when controlled by either the Master PIR Sensor.
Our Advanced Solar Lighting PIR Sensors can be used to activate any of our Lighting
Products which use our 2.4G Remote Controls.

Uneek LEDs has an Australia Patent on these Advanced Security Lighting products.