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Uneek LEDs is now providing our Gate Automation Services under the new name Uneek Automation.
Click Here to view our new Uneek Automation Website.

Uneek Automation can Supply Gate Motors to suit any style of Swing Gates.

One of the most popular types of Swing Gates is your Standard Farm Gates. 

Included Features of the Single Swing Gate Automation:

  • Remote Control Operation for Open and Close
  • Solar Panel or Mains Power Connection
  • Positive Gate Lock mechanically locks the gate shut so there is no way it can be opened without using the electronic controls such as your remote control
  • Heavy Duty Drive Unit
  • Auto Close Operation or Stay Open (Party) Feature
  • Obstruction Detection - stops the gate if it hits something and returns to its original position.  
  • Pedestrian Access
  • Emergency Gate Release
  • Low Voltage or 240V Mains Power System

Options available for all of our Gate products are:

  • Wireless Keypads
  • Wireless Visitor Button
  • Strobe Light
  • Gate Opening Programmable Time Clock
  • Long Range Remote
  • Remote Controlled Stay Open Option
  • Remote Controlled Gate Lock
  • GSM Unit - Allows operation of Gate with a Free Phone Call
  • Safety Beam - Stops Gate Closing if something is in the way
  • Ground Loop - Automatically Opens Gate when you drive over it
  • Advanced GSM Unit - Remotely Control Gate to allow it to:
    • Open/Close
    • Lock Shut
    • Stay Open
    • Send SMS's to tell you if the gate is open or closed

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