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16" Pedestal Solar Powered Fan with Battery Backup and Remote Control Operation

16" Pedestal Solar Powered Fan with Battery Backup and Remote Control Operation

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Uneek LEDs have hand picked a series of Fans that will work with our Horse Stable Solar Lighting Kits. 
We have been testing these in our own office and warehouse over the last 6 months and have been very impressed with the quality and functionality.

These Pedestal Fans have a built in battery that allows them to be run independently for hours each day.
Or, connect them to a solar setup and they will run day and night to keep your animals cool in our hot summers.

Proven to Prevent the dreaded 'Queensland Itch' from Midge Bites by producing a steady stream of air.

With a robust design and strong weighted base to ensure it will not fall over these Pedestal fans are safe for use in Stables and outdoors areas.

They are not waterproof so do no allow to get wet if the weather changes.


How To Use these Pedestal Fans.

You have 3 options to use these Pedestal Fans. 
To purchase either of the options shown below, simply select them from the drop down box above.

As Standard:
These fans come with their own rechargeable battery and power pack so you can charge them inside.  Once the battery is charged move the fan to where it is needed and start to use like normal.  It will run for up to 30 hours on a full battery depending on the fan speed selected.

Existing Solar Use:
You can connect these fans to any existing Uneek LEDs Solar Horse Stable Lighting Kit.  Simply connect them up with the extra cables available and your fan can be used all day and night from the existing Solar Setup.
To select this option choose it from the drop down box above.
Kit contents for this option include:

  • 1x Pedestal Fan Kit (See Contents Below)
  • 1x 2 Way Cable Splitter to connect fan into existing Light Cables
  • 1x 5m Extension Cable 

Don't have a Uneek LEDs Solar Setup yet?
No problem, we have a small solar setup available for these fans which will allow you to use them.  
These small solar setups have been designed so you can leave your Fan where it is needed and let the sun charge the battery so it is ready for use when its needed.
Kit contents for this option include:

  • 1x Pedestal Fan Kit (See Contents Below)
  • 12V 20W Solar Panel with Mounting Bracket
  • 12v 8Ah Lithium Battery
  • Waterproof Enclosure for Battery and Battery Regulator with mounting bracket
  • 1x 2.5m Extension Cable
  • 1x 5m Extension Cable




  • 16inch rechargeable dc stand fan with lithium battery
  • Power: 2.3-25 W
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Can be used with a 240V Power Adaptor or from a solar setup
  • Power cord length of adapter: 2 M
  • Motor: BL DC motor
  • Voltage of motor: DC 12V
  • Blade size:14 inch
  • Timer : 6h
  • Remote control :Yes
  • Oscillation: Yes
  • Auto power off:Yes
  • Modes: Silent wind  -  Soft wind  -  Natural wind  -  Strong wind
  • Power Bank Capacity : 13200mAh/3.7V(48.84w)
  • Charging Time: around 4 hours
  • Running Time: 3-30 hours 


Pedestal Fan Dimensions


 Whats in the box

Each Standard Fan Kit Includes:

  • Pedestal Fan with internal Battery Pack
  • Mains Power Adapter
  • Remote Control


  • Existing Solar Kit as per above
  • New Solar Kit as per above