12V Rigid LED Strip Kits

This is where Uneek LED's started...

My Family are lovers of the outdoors, we often go camping but in the past have struggled to find lights that were good quality, waterproof, were easy to install in the dark, and were not over priced.
I could not find any so I started making my own.  Being an Electronics Engineer I enjoy doing projects like this for a hobby.

They received a lot of attention from fellow campers and friends and that gave me an idea. Why don't I start selling these online??? So here they are.
These lights could also be used for Caravan Annexes, Boats, 4WD's, Gazebos, Tents, Garden Sheds, Outdoor areas etc.

I have been using these exact lights and setup for a while now in both my Caravan Annex and Gazebo and have been very impressed with them. 
Almost every part has been customised to make them easy to use, robust, water/dust proof and to make camping with them more enjoyable.
I like what I make to be simple to use, great quality, fool proof and of course good value for money.

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