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2x 12V 50cm 8520 Type LED Rigid Light Strips

2x 12V 50cm 8520 Type LED Rigid Light Strips

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This Listing is for 2x 12V 50cm Long 8520 Type LED Light Strips.. Save more than 10% by purchasing 2 at once when compared to buying them individually.

The 8520 Type LED strips are the brightest LED strips available at the moment.  These 50cm long versions are a great size for areas where you don't have a lot of room but need a big light output.

These LED strips are perfect to use in any situation.  Put a dimmer with them and get the flexibility of being able to change the light output to exactly what you like.                                                             (Dimmers are available in the Accessories menu above)


  • New 8520 LED Chips.  Brightest available on the market at 2150lm per 50cm Strip!!
  • 80-90% less attraction to insects compared to conventional lights
  • 3 LED Colour Options Available:
    • Normal White - Colour Temp 8000k
    • Warm White -   Colour Temp 3000k
    • Cool White -     Colour Temp 11000k
  • 2 Types of Lens:
    • Clear
    • Fog
  • 2 Connector Types
    • Bare Wires - best option if you are able to wire everything yourself
    • Waterproof Twist Lock Connector - great for use anywhere outdoors.  The connectors have a waterproof seal and screw together so wont come apart.
  • 2 Mounting Options
    • Bare Metal Clip - used for permanently mounting LED strips
    • Metal Clip with Velcro Attached - great for attaching LED strips to Gazebos, Annexes, Tent Poles etc.
  • New Style Aluminium Profile!  Has a 'shelf' added to it which the LED strip sits directly on. This helps with heat dissipation meaning the LED strip itself stays cooler and lasts longer. The extra shelf also adds strength.

    To help make your decisions easier all of these options are shown in the photos above.

    Select your preferred options for LED Colour and Lens type, Connector Type and Mounting Option using the drop down boxes above.  


    • 50cm Long LED Strips with Aluminium Extrusion Body.  These Durable LED Strips are rigid and will not bend or flop around like the flexible strips do.
      •  IP65 Rating with bare wires fitted
      •  Waterproof IP67 Rating with Twist Lock connectors fitted - Easy DIY Install.
      •  36 LED's per 50 cm Length
      • 140 Degree Beam Angle
      •  12W - 1Amp per strip at 12Vdc.
      •  Dimensions - 1.8cm wide, 1.8cm high, 100cm long
      •  50,000 Hrs Expected Lifetime
      •  CE & RoHS Certified
      • Join-able - Connect multiples in a row

    Need Accessories for these lights? Click on the Accessories Tab above.

    If you can’t decide what you want or have a special project you need help with please contact me. We are here to help!