Tennis Court 200W LED Solar Flood Light

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Our Solar Tennis Court Lights meet Tennis Australia's Lighting Recommendations.
Ask us for a more information and a quote on how we can setup your court with our Tennis Court Lights.

Uneek LEDs Tennis Court 200W Solar LED Flood Lights have been especially designed with Tennis Courts in mind. 
They are also suitable for Basketball Courts, Lawn Balls Greens, Volley Ball Courts etc.

The compact "Shoebox" Style lamp housing is used to reduce the amount of light  spilage that can get into neighbouring areas and potentially cause upsets.

Designed by us in Melbourne especially for Australian conditions. 
They are great as they do not require a 240V connection at all.

These lights can be used anywhere on your property. 

Just place the Solar Panel where it will receive full sun to charge the batteries and they are ready to go.

They can easily be retrofitted to existing light poles if replacing old lighting equipment.

This 200w LED flood light has a 4 hour total runtime on a full chargeTo get the best spread of light it is recommended they are mounted 6-8m high. 

Need longer run times?  That's not a problem, contact us for more information.


We have used Photometric Software to calculate the required lighting levels based on different playing levels and requirements

We recommend 4x 200W Flood Lights as a starting point for all tennis courts.
This setup is suitable for Private courts, Casual Tennis games, Tennis practice and training/coaching.

4x 200W will provide evenly distributed lighting from different angles around the court ensuring you can see the ball and lines clearly.

Do you take your Tennis Seriously or are you a Tennis Club and need us to calculate the best result for your court? 

No Problem, send us an email or give us a call and we are happy to help. 
We can provide a detailed lighting report for your court(s) that will meet Tennis Australia's recommendations for your level of play.


 1x 200W LED Flood Light

• 1x Waterproof Enclosure for Battery and Battery Management Board

• Adjustable pole mount bracket for Light

 1x 100W 24V Solar Panel

 Flood Light Mounting Kit

 Clipsal Waterproof Switch

 Remote Control Operation - One remote control can operate each light individually or all  lights at the same time.  (This is an option.  See below for details)

• Full Installation and Usage Instructions



 Tennis Courts 

 Sports Fields

• Basketball Courts

• Lawn Balls Greens

• Croquet Greens

• Volleyball Courts

 Lighting up property entrances

 Boat, Caravan, Trailer Security Lighting



 Really anywhere that you need to light up!

Need help choosing how many flood lights you need for your Sporting Field, please ask us by email or phone call.



• Wireless Remote Control (this option allows you to operate the lights using the wireless remote. One remote per light, max. 2 per order).  One remote will control all lights together and can also turn each one on/off individually if required.

 Waterproof External On/Off Switch (6m cable fitted just mount it at a height that makes it easy to operate the Flood Light).

(please select your preferred option from the drop-down box above)



200W Output

Light output: 19000 lumens

Aluminium Die Cast Housing 

• Brigdelux SMD LED chips - Made in the USA

 Patent modular design with ventilated case cover

Lithium-Ion Battery: 21V 31.2Ah These are able to be easily removed if necessary.

4 Hours use on a full charge.  It is also possible to get longer run times if required. Please contact us for more information.

LED Color Temp - 5500k  

• CRI 75

1m cable fitted which connects directly to Solar Panel Cable

Light measurement: 324mm x 280mm x 80mm

Weight 6.5kg

CE & RoHS Certified

IP65 Rating



Polycrystalline Silicon Solar Panel

100W/24V with a 3m cable fitted

Anodised Aluminium frame

Protective Polycarbonate coating over solar panels to protect from hail/bad weather

Weight 8kg

• Dimensions 120 x 54 x 4cm



The Solar Panels for these lights do not come with a mounting bracket.
If you know a handy person the brackets are easy to make yourself or you can purchase them as an option using the drop down box above.

If you would like to make them yourself please put a note in during checkout and I can send you the measurements and a diagram of the brackets.


Need Poles with your order? Uneek LEDs now has access to pole suppliers around Australia. Contact us with your location and postcode and we will get back to you with a price.


We make these kits to be easy to install yourself.  No Electrician is required as they are all low voltage. 
Our instructions step you through the process needed to install them easily.

Need them installed?
No problem, we have installers around Australia we can recommend to help.  
Contact us to see if we have one near you.


Due to the size and weight of the 200W floodlights care must be taken during shipping.  Please contact us for Shipping prices using our contact details below.

NOTE: If you have any special delivery requests such as Unattended Delivery please leave a note during checkout.



Uneek LEDs prides itself on Professional Quality products that are built to withstand our harsh environment.  If in the rare situation you have a problem these are the warranty terms for this product.:

  • Electronic Boards, switches etc. - 2 Year Warranty
  • Battery - 1 Year Warranty
  • Solar Panel - 10 Year Warranty
  • LED Chips - 7 Years

Full Warranty terms are shown in the Warranty Tab above.


Disclaimer and Warranty


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