Livestock and Property Cameras

Uneek LEDs now installs a range of wireless and wired camera's.  
The Cameras we use operate on the Mobile Phone Networks, ADSL/Broadband and NBN.

You can access them anywhere in the world on a Computer, Tablet and Smart Phone. 

The cameras can be used for:

  • Foal Watching
  • Stabled Horse monitoring
  • Paddock Monitoring
  • Property Security
  • Cattle Monitoring
Really any area of your property that you need to be able to watch remotely.

Our Cameras have the option of being Solar Powered allowing them to be placed anywhere on your property with ease.  No 240V connection necessary.

We have 2 main types of cameras that we use:

  • Dome Cameras - Industry Standard camera that looks in only one direction
  • PTZ - Point, Tilt, Zoom camera with zoom
    • 360 Deg View
    • Can be used to look around your property in many different directions
    • Zoom in and out on what you want to see
    • Control them using your Mobile Device, Laptop, Home computer
    • Can be setup to Automatically scan your property and alert you of problems

For more information please contact Uneek LEDs with the details at the bottom of the page.