2 Horse Stable/ Tack Room / Shed Solar Setup

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Uneek LEDs Solar Stable Setups use 1m Long Rigid LED strips.  Each 1m long strip is able to easily light up a 4mx4m area which is perfect for your Horse Stable / Tack Room / Shed.

This kit is for 2 Stables, 1 Stable and 1 Tack room or a Shed.

This solar setup can be configured to provide power for 1-4 Hours or 5-8 hours each night with 1 day of backup power for days when there isn't much sun to charge the battery. 
To Choose the Light Running time select the 'Light Run Time' option from above using the drop down box.

This kit has an Automatic timer that can be programmed to turn the lights on multiple times in one day if needed.  It can also be used to turn the lights on manually when required.

This is a DIY install.  All components come ready to 'plug and play' and Instructions are included.

No Electrician is needed to install this kit.

Solar Setup Features:

- 12V Solar Panel with mounting brackets.  These Solar Panels have a Poly-carbonate coating to protect them from Hail and the Elements.   (The Solar Panel wattage and Qty are shown when 'Light Run Time' is Selected above)

- Solar Battery Charger - This Device will charge the battery with power from the solar panel and protect it from over charging or over discharge.  The Solar Chargers we use are a MPPT type Solar Chargers.  These are a higher quality charger which optimise the charging of the battery.

- Automatic Light Timer

- Waterproof Enclosure for Timer and Solar Charger with hinged lid for easy access and mounting brackets

- 2x 1m Long 8520 LED Strips with mounting clips

- 3m 60A UV treated cable with Connectors to go from the Solar Panel to Charger

- 1.5m Long Battery Cable with Clips to connect to the Battery

- Extension Cables to connect lights to Solar Charger.  Cables have waterproof twist lock connections.

  • 2x 5m
  • 2x 2.5m
  • 2x 1m
  • 1x 2 Way Splitter

- 12V 28Ah Deep Cycle Battery - for the 1-4hour Run Time option
- 12V 60Ah Deep Cycle Battery - for the 5-8hour Run Time option

Do you have your own battery already or would like to purchase your own?  Please let me know and I can give you a price for the kit without a Battery included.


To select any of the following options Please choose them by using the Drop Down Boxes above.

- Rare Earth Magnets for LED strips and Solar Charger/Timer Enclosure.  These Magnets are very powerful and make mounting the Solar setup simple as there is no need to drill any holes to mount the lights or Enclosure.

- 2x Dimmers with Remote Control.  Setup zones in your Stables to Switch on/off or Dim each stable easily and save Battery Power by only using the Stables you need to.

Working out Cable Lengths

This setup comes with a few different cable lengths but if you are not sure if these will be enough or would like to measure to make sure this is the best way to do it.

The Solar Charger is the heart of the Stable Solar Setup and all components plug into it.
To measure the cables lengths you need you first need to work out where the Solar Charger will be mounted.  Once you have done this then you need to measure/estimate the cable length from the Solar Charger to:

  • the Solar Panel
  • the Battery
  • the LED strip

The cables for the LEDs come in 1m, 2.5m and 5m lengths and can be ordered by clicking on the Accessories menu above then selecting Cables and Splitters.

If you get stuck or have any questions please contact me and I am happy to help work it out with you.


Each Solar Setup comes with a 12 Month Replacement Warranty for all components.

The Solar Panels used come with a 25 Year Manufacturers Replacement Warranty for rated output.  This means the electrical output of the solar panel will remain above 90% of its rated power output for 10 years and remain above 80% of the original rated power output for 25 years in total.

If a component has failed the customer is to pay for return shipping to Uneek LEDs.  Once the returned item has been received we will send the new component to you free of charge.

If you every have any questions or problems please contact us immediately and we will work with you to help solve the problem.


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